bariccaia_nuova_ok_550x350cantina_nuova_ok_550x350In 2014 Tenuta Casteani has opened the new winery. Arranged on two floors and surrounded by the green of the vineyards and the blue sky of Maremma, the winery is one of the many accomplishments of the Estate, as well as its heart. Production takes place on the ground floor: vinification in stainless steel tanks and wines aging in barrel rest in casks, barrels and clay jars. Furthermore, the ground floor hosts a space completely dedicated to winemaking without added sulfites where the cleaning process of the grapes is made with ozone. The close proximity to the vineyard allows us to work the grapes straight after harvest to avoid trauma and premature fermentation. The first floor is a cozy space of 150 square meters with outdoor terraces overlooking the Estate. Here we host events of any kind, from weddings or christening to art exhibitions. The Cellar can accommodate up to 250 people. We offer customised menus according to the tradition of Maremma, with a special attention to food-wine pairings. The huge parking near the building makes the access to venue easy.


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